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Топик на английском языке Дружба

Топик по английскому языку Friends and friendship

Friends is one of the best treasures that people have. Friends can help you in need, share with you, give good advice. If you are in a difficult situation, you want to speak with your best friend and share your thoughts, fears and life positions.

I am friendly with the most people in our class, but I have only one best friend. Her name is Olga.
We sit together and always help each other. Olga and me meet up not only in school, but also after classes, during week-ends and holidays.
Olga is sixteen, she is tall and slim, has long light-brown hair and blue eyes.
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Топик на английском языке Образование

Topic in english Education

Education plays a really important role in people’s lives. With the help of your knowledge you can help people, explore new places and events, understand traditions and cultures and do a lots of interesting things. Every country has its own system of education that helps people to get new knowledge a step by step.
In Great Britain all the children from 5 to 16 should attend school. In some schools pupils study till they are 18. Parents choose a school for their kids. Usually it is situated nearby, but sometimes they are interested in a particular school, so kids need to travel.
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Топик на английском языке Животные

Topic in english Animals

Animal world of our planet is rich and diverse. Every climatic zone has its own animals, who can live in hot or cold climate, need a lot of water or feel themselves well in deserts.
All the animals can be divided into two big groups: wild and domestic. Wild animals live in nature without people, some or them can be really dangerous. They are inhabitants of woods, jungles, prairies. Among wild animals there are wolves, foxes, bears, lions, tigers, monkeys, giraffes and a lot more.
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Топик на английском языке Семья


Family is very important for every person. Your relatives can always help you in different situations and you can have great time with them.
My name is Max, I’m 17. I can say that my family is rather big. I live with my parents and my two sisters.
My father, Sergey, is an IT-specialist. He is fond of computers and programming. After busy days in the office my dad likes hiking and fishing. I also want to be a programmer like my father.
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